Prof. Holger Matthies

As a rule, educational strategies should result in creative skills. This means expanding education in the creative arts and scientific theory. With this as his basic assumption, Jan Tomáš began his studies at the University of Arts in Berlin, /Universität der Künste, Berlin/ and it was here that he completed his studies with aplomb. For every person acting in the role of a teacher, it is interesting to observe whether the profile of the graduate, as defined in the framework of education, manifests itself in work. If we look at the work of Jan Tomáš from this point of view, we find that the brilliant student has become an independent, stylishly confident designer, who puts his ideas into solid form with remarkable creative skill. Jan Tomáš is a multi-talent – the author of many ideas, a font creator, designer, modeller, technician and web designer. Moreover, a designer, who, thanks to his thirst for knowledge and his perseverance, manages to combine both a highly focused individual with an all-round personality – and with success! His mental world and figurative language are original and his technical abilities are faultless at almost every level. The universal elaboration of designs is typical for Jan Tomáš’s way of thinking and working, as can be seen in his proposals for the SWATCH group. He is far from satisfied with merely “facelifting” or redesigning. He always creates a new design for the product - in this case a watch design. As soon as he is satisfied with the design and functionality, he begins seeking other possibilities. With filigree accuracy he fleshes out the overall appearance of the product with a newly developed typeface, a verbal and visual label, packaging and urban furniture. Jan Tomáš created a coordinate system in which the harmonious co-action of the threads in objects and images attune the recipient so that they launch themselves into an adventure of time and hours, perceiving it as a primordial experience. Jan Tomáš’s working method is characterised by a thorough analysis and reflection of the task in hand well before making a start on realising it. His style is also created by his logos and alphabet. Here he creates type-images that look fresh, new and at times even exotic. Anyone working in this league has understood that strategic planning and presenting oneself are the entrance ticket to the Holy Grail of the media world. Jan Tomáš has donned his crampons and is on his way to the top.


Prof. Zdeněk Ziegler

Jan Tomáš was my student in the graphic design and visual communication studio from 1994 - 1999. He was one of the active students, his interests extended well beyond the school - he never missed an opportunity to gain new information from the field, to enter a competition, take up an internship or gain practice. After graduating from the Academy of Architecture, Art and Design in Prague he went on to Berlin at the Universität der Künste. In Hamburg, he had the opportunity to collaborate with Holger Matthies in a graphic studio, which was a great start to a professional career. The development of his growth was influenced by a penchant for typography, especially in creating new fonts inspired by the possibility of using nascent technologies. It’s here that he's at home, just as with his design of CID or symbols - his graphic expression is in a positive, creative form of multi-layered themes. Nowadays he is one of the best young designers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, his work has concluded into a compact whole with a personal investment of originality and a trend towards progress in the future. I think he belongs among the young members of the AGI. ZZ